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Why Windspot?


Windspot solves the three problems with other small wind turbines: low productivity, poor reliability and noise. Windspot takes care of them all:


1.    Our small wind turbine starts producing energy in very light winds (2.5 metres per second) and continues to work at peak performance even if the winds reach high speeds (over 50 metres per second). Paradoxically, other small wind turbines are forced to turn themselves off or cut back on performance to avoid damage at times when they could produce the most energy. 

Windspot Designed to operate at low rpm


2.    Windspot is also a robust, reliable and durable small wind turbine, with a lifespan of at least 25 years and, unlike its competitors, requires virtually no maintenance. Built with high quality materials, moving parts such as bearings are sealed and maintenance free. The magnet rotor with a high number of poles can produce energy even at very low rpm.

 Windspot robust and durable


3.    A noisy turbine can be unbearable company. At Sonkyo Energy, we have studied the aerodynamics to the point where we have made Windspot one of the quietest turbines on the market. Unlike other small wind turbines, Windspot works at low rpm, producing at its peak with less wear and most importantly, without noise.

 Windspot blade aerodynamic study


4.    We have opted for a robust and aesthetic design that can be integrated into any environment. A simple, painstaking design with few moving parts and quality materials. Productivity and low maintenance are the keys to Windspot.

 Windspot is design and quality

Windspot is silent, efficient and reliable. We provide solutions to the problems of other small wind turbines.